Carol was Straight Forward

When I meet Carol I had recently lost a good job. I had been living in my house that I loved for 8 years but was falling way behind on my bills. Although back to work, I was in a situation where my commute was too far, pay too low making it impossible for me to stay in my home. I was devastated, but had to face facts that I had to move and needed to sell my house ASAP.

Of course I was upside down on the loan due to the current poor market. The housing bubble had got me. I thought all was lost when I called Edina Realty for help.

Carol Lambrecht came to my home a few days later with a market report ready for my review. It was not a good situation for me but not hopeless. Carol was straight forward about the poor market but was reassuring that the home could be sold in a short sale and that not all was lost. I feared I would owe thousands of dollars and still lose my house. She educated me on what a short sale means and proceeded to list my home. Carol had a market plan at all times and we agreed working together on how to find the right buyer. She kept me informed and aware at all times.

Eventually the home was sold and I can honestly say I am very happy with the outcome of this bad situation. Sure, I lost my house but I walked away with no debt. And, the process was not as bad as I though it would be all. Carol did all the work while I did all the worrying.

Sold a home in 2011 in Veseli, Lonsdale, MN 55046.

— Robert Anderson